Ricky Yanas

One Night Cheap Hotel



Room #116 with Andy Coolquitt, Alejandro Sanchez, Kristina Felix, TJ Hunt, videos by Robert Melton/ Robert Boland and Teresa Cervantes.

Photo by: Alejandro Sanchez

A misuse of space.  One Night Cheap Hotel: a collaborative exhibition curated and organized by Ricky Yanas and Teresa Cervantes. The idea:  take a regular gallery show and jam it into a hotel room or two or three---the work would have to be subservient to the formal and contextual qualities of the space--much of the exhibited art ended up hiding rather than being on display.

The exhibiton was scheduled for four hours but was shut down by management after two.

Visitors were unsure of what to expect.  Many times they would joke about whether something was part of the event or not--"is this a piece??" A pizza boy, a TV playing Fox News, and a broken bed were being doubly scrutinized, even if jokingly.  Everything became possibly, potentially art.

The influx of visitors resulted in a large bunch of bodies milling around in the middle of the motel parking lot.  The result of turning the private space of a motel room into a public exhibtion space was a crowd which displeased the management.

NOTE: The crowd, with no clear limits or prescribed activities, swelled, testing the lack of boundries we set for the event in the same way we were testing the ambiguous limits of the Super 8 Motel.

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